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Assistance to Ukrainians in Georgia

How can Ukrainians enter Georgia?

We have created step-by-step instructions on entering Georgia from the Russian Federation. Be attentive to details and try to follow all the described measures so that your departure goes smoothly. First of all, prepare the documents that you have from…

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Free medicines in Georgia for Ukrainian refugees

How to get medicines in Georgia for free? Step 1. Write an application for the provision of the necessary drugs. Applications are accepted by the Ministry for Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Labour, Health and Social Protection: Tbilisi,…

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Embassy of Ukraine in Georgia

The Embassy of Ukraine in Georgia is located at the address: 0162 Georgia, Tbilisi, I. Chavchavadze Avenue 76 (Vake district). GPS: 41.709701, 44.742343 The embassy provides the following services: visa processing, actions related to Ukrainian citizenship, registration of acts of…

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How Ukrainians get a passport in Georgia

Information source: HOW TO OBTAIN A PASSPORT IN GEORGIA Terms of production of a new passport in Georgia: 4-6 months (since the process of transporting forms from Ukraine has not yet been established). Regarding the new law, which comes…

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Financial assistance to Ukrainians in Georgia

Денежная помощь украинцам в Грузии

Citizens of Ukraine in Georgia from July 15, 2022 will receive monetary compensation of 300 lari (about $100) per family + 45 lari per month per person. Government Decree No. 1254 of July 13 has already been signed. In addition,…

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How to read transliteration from Georgian?

Foreigners in Georgia often face the problem of understanding SMS, the text of which is a transliteration from the Georgian language. To solve this problem, kind people created a telegram bot that will help you with this issue for free.…

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Currency exchange in Georgia

There are no problems with the exchange of cash in Georgia. Here, this is even better than in Ukraine, because many exchange points work around the clock. And even better than in Russia, where, in principle, there are no currency…

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Help for Ukrainians in Georgia

The Georgian people have great sympathy and understanding for the troubles of the Ukrainians who fell upon their country as a result of the Russian invasion, because they themselves were in the same situation in 2008. Ukrainian flags are hung…

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