How to transfer money from a Ukrainian hryvnia card to your Georgian card?

With the outbreak of the war, the NBU continued to tighten restrictions and limits on the withdrawal of money through Ukrainian banks, which only added to the problems for the citizens of the country. This was especially felt by the refugees who were forced to flee from the “liberators” abroad. This article will describe the options for how, despite the restrictions, still transfer your money to a Georgian bank card. You can also use the method described in this guide for transfers in the opposite direction, as well as with currencies and cards of many other countries of the world.
Disclaimer: All actions described in this article, you perform at your own peril and risk. The author of the article and the owner of the site who posted it disclaim any responsibility for any actions of readers who apply this instruction in practice.
If you are already in Georgia, you can simply go to an ATM with your Ukrainian card and withdraw lari / dollars / euros from it within the NBU limit of UAH 12,500. per week, paying all rather rather big commissions of Ukrainian and Georgian banks plus conversion. Further, if necessary, cash is deposited through the terminal to a Georgian bank card. It is logical that it is more profitable to deposit through the terminal of the bank in which your card is opened, usually in normal banks no commission is charged for such an operation.
But if it’s not enough for you to withdraw $ 300 a week or you are not in Georgia, then a transfer using P2P (from English peer-to-peer, person-to-person – from person to person, from equal to equal) is a good solution . This is a fairly reliable and profitable way, for a successful exchange it is enough to follow all the recommendations.
The essence of this method is “in a nutshell”: through p2p we exchange hryvnia from our Ukrainian card to USDT, and then through the same p2p we exchange USDT for lari (or dollars, euros) to our Georgian card.
As a guarantor platform, you need to use one of the cryptocurrency exchanges, preferably at least from the top ten, which has P2P trading functionality. I recommend Binance, the largest crypto exchange at the moment. I give referral link, registration for which provides the maximum lifetime discount on trading commissions if you suddenly want to trade cryptocurrencies there.
When registering on the exchange, it is important to use your real name. After registration, it is necessary to go through the verification procedure; without this, access to p2p trading, as well as to any trading on Binance, is impossible.
Next, follow the links to the “Trade –> P2P” section, and make the exchange in accordance with the rules and recommendations of the exchange. First, we buy USDT for hryvnias. You transfer the payment for the purchase of USDT from your hryvnia card to the card of the seller, who is the same user of the exchange as you. After the payment is confirmed, the exchange transfers USDT from the seller’s balance to your exchange balance. Then we sell USDT for lari or for dollars or for euros, depending on what you need. The buyer, the same user of the exchange, transfers lari / dollars / euros to your Georgian account, after which the exchange transfers your USDT to him. Nothing complicated.
The following are the main points for newbies to P2P to pay attention to:
* The exchange can be any at your discretion, not necessarily Binance, the main thing is that the site has p2p trading. But the largest or one of the largest is chosen from those considerations so that there is sufficient user activity, liquidity, reliability, and as a result of this, favorable rates. Like it or not, it turns out that Binance has no competitors now.
* The intermediary cryptocurrency USDT can be any of the supported ones. It just so happened historically that the greatest activity is manifested in pairs with the USDT stablecoin, which means that there will always be profitable rates.
* After the transaction, your funds on the exchange will most likely be blocked for 24 hours for security purposes. To avoid this, the presence of funds on your exchange balance that exceeds the amount of the transaction will help. But you can just wait for unlocking in a day.
* Settlements in fiat currencies occur between the same users as you, so your bank sees the payment as a regular transfer between individuals “from card to card”, and not as an input / output from the exchange. Hence, there are fewer questions from the financial monitoring of your bank.
* The exchange takes a commission from the seller in the amount of 0.1-0.3% of the transaction amount, which is not much compared to the commissions and restrictions of banks if you transfer to a foreign bank card.
* It is not necessary to immediately agree to a deal at the market price. You may have the option of creating your own offer, for which buyers will be found – this way the exchange becomes even more profitable.
* When viewing exchange applications, be sure to select the payment method instead of “All payment methods” to the one you need at the moment (name of your bank). Otherwise, you can get a course that is divorced from reality.
* Do not start an exchange without making sure that you have: a verified account on the exchange in your real name; a margin of time that takes into account all locks; Ukrainian and Georgian bank cards issued in your real name.
* The minimum amount to sell USDT can be limited to 100 USD, so when creating your sell order, keep in mind that it is better to sell the balance to one buyer at once, limiting the minimum trade amount to the size of the balance.
* It is more preferable to transfer small amounts from a Ukrainian card than large ones. This is due to the Ukrainian financial monitoring, which may be interested in payments in favor of one recipient from 5,000 hryvnia per day.
* Newcomers to P2P can theoretically be more targeted by scammers, so read carefully before ticking “agree”, “continue”, etc. everything that you are told, and follow the recommendations.
* If you more or less understand what you are doing and for what purpose, then there is not much point in choosing the “Show only ads from merchants” option. By doing this, you will only filter out the most profitable offers, and their reliability is not much higher compared to ordinary users.
* Various types of fraud are common on p2p, you can read / watch about them, for example, on YouTube. Be extremely careful. If in doubt or just want to test, start with the minimum amount that you don’t mind losing.
* Beware of entering your details on fake sites, the correct Binance domain is and it has a green https secure connection certificate.
I will try to answer questions on p2p exchange in the comments to the article, please leave questions in the comments.
Get started and you’ll be fine. Good luck!

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