Housing in Georgia for Ukrainian refugees – free housing options

Housing in Georgia for Ukrainian refugees - free housing options

Finding accommodation to rent in Georgia is described in this note.
But if you have a money problem, you need to seek help in other ways:
1. Explore the options on the map of assistance to citizens of Ukraine abroad https://mapahelp.me. MapaHelp collects and provides information about organizations, businesses and people outside of Ukraine who are ready to help Ukrainians free of charge. The map shows geopoints in countries where Ukrainians will receive free help with housing, food, transfers, as well as psychological support, medical, financial assistance, etc.
2. Contact volunteer organizations. The pages of volunteers in Georgia are easy to find on social networks and instant messengers. Here it really works and everyone in need is helped with resettlement, clothes, medicines, essentials, and they will also help organize a meeting from the bus and transfer to their place of residence.
3. Contact the mayor’s office of the city (Tbilisi, Batumi, etc.). For example, the telephone number of the hotline of the Tbilisi City Hall is 032 272 22 22. You will be provided with all possible assistance with accommodation. It may not happen immediately and you will have to live on your own money for several days, but as a result you will receive the help you need so much.
Update: The free housing program for Ukrainians from the Tbilisi City Hall ends on August 1, 2022, and check-in at hotels after July 15, 2022 is not available.

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