Rental housing in Georgia. How to start looking for housing in Georgia?

• The world’s largest accommodation booking service – is also present in Georgia. Many convenient filters allow you to choose the right option for the type of housing, the required amenities, price and location. It is convenient to choose a place to stay for one or more days. There are additional discounts when booking accommodation through the smartphone app.
• Another global rental service is Airbnb. You can also choose options from 1 day, plus the function of searching for a long-term rental from 4 weeks is additionally implemented.
• Local specialized sites for finding housing:,,,,,
• Specialized Telegram channels, Viber groups and Facebook groups.
• Realtors. Be careful here, there are a lot of reports of scams.
• Independent search for housing in the place. Sometimes it brings unexpectedly pleasant results, you have to try.
And finally, if you are a refugee from Ukraine and cannot afford to pay for housing, this note will be useful for you.

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