The film “The fastest in the world” (1985)

Georgian Soviet film, which is a collection of short humorous stories. It is based on anecdotes related to the properties and customs of the peoples inhabiting Georgia and, first of all, the inhabitants of the region Racha is located in central Georgia, in the west it is separated from Imereti by the Racha Range, in the east from Kartli by the Likhi Range and in the north rests on the spurs of the Greater Caucasus Range, the largest cities They and Ambrolauri. In Georgia, the name Rachinets is perceived as a synonym for the word slow-witted. Rachinets, as a rule, is calm and good-natured, but in order for him to start doing something, a lot of time must pass, his direct opposite is the Gurian, energetic, as if on hinges, he acts much faster than he thinks. Mingrel (Mingrel) is cunning and thieving, Svan is dumb but warlike, and so on. The director skillfully and kindly plays with these clichés, as a result, the film is watched in one breath, although to a person unfamiliar with the above nuances it may seem funny, but incomprehensible, especially since the translation conceals a huge number of nuances in the construction of phrases, local accents and manner of speaking.
Genre: comedy
Director: Gia Mataradze
Starring: Ramaz Giorgobiani, Zurab Kapianidze, Givi Berikashvili, Tristan Saralidze, Shota Skhirtladze, Amiran Buadze and others.
Film company: Georgia-film
Duration: 64 min.
Year: 1985

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