Facts about schools in Georgia and what is connected with them

Nikolay Levshits collected and updated facts about Georgian schools in the country and what is connected with them:
* Officially in Georgia, the new academic year starts on September 15, and not as many are used to on September 1
* there is a 12-year education system
* no grades up to grade 5
* from the 5th grade, a ten-point grading system is introduced
* duration of lessons: 1st grade: 35 minutes, 2nd grade: 40 minutes, from 3rd grade: 45 minutes
* all first-graders are given laptops for study
* from the 1st grade it is obligatory to study English
* in schools, teachers are not addressed by their first name and patronymic, they simply say “mas” – short for “mastsavlebeli” (teacher) or – name + “mas”: “Rita mas”, “Manana mas”, “Giorgi mas”
* schools have unusual compulsory subjects – Georgian dances, rugby and chess
* foreign students after entering the school can get Residence permit
* schools have Iranian, Azerbaijani, Armenian, Russian-speaking and Ukrainian-speaking sectors (teaching takes place in the language of the sector)
* in 57 public schools it is possible to study in Russian, while in 11 schools teaching is conducted exclusively in Russian
* Ukrainian-language sector formed in 3 schools
* it is forbidden to sell cigarettes at a distance of 50 meters from schools
* It is customary to send children to “training camps” – no one uses the word “camp” here. Bakuriani and Kobuleti. Bakuriani all year round, Kobuleti – in summer

What’s new since 2022:
* in all schools, classes in IT (“Computer Technology”) will become a compulsory subject for grades 2-6
* “History of Georgia” becomes an independent subject
* a pilot project is being introduced in 18 schools, classes in “Military Affairs”
* 150 elementary schools introduce rugby classes
* Pilot bilingual Macmillan math textbooks are introduced in 50 schools

Information source: https://t.me/nlevshitstelegram/6863

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