Vake Park in Tbilisi – author’s review

Vake Park in Tbilisi - authors review

Vake Park is one of the most famous and popular parks in Tbilisi. It is located in the Vake district (translated from Georgian as “plain”), in the west of the city, between Chavchavadze Avenue, Mishveladze Street and Nino Tskhvedadze Ascent.
Coordinates: 41.7112, 44.751529

The park is a large, quiet green space in the middle of a big, noisy city. It helps to relax, and in an amazing way reset the state of the person who has come to spend their day here. The park provides opportunities for both those who need an active vacation and those who need relaxation to do so.
It offers a unique opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to enjoy a pleasant time outdoors, to be alone with yourself or with your loved ones.
Wake Park is an ideal place for walks, picnics and sports. Here you can find interesting architectural structures, including beautiful pavilions and gazebos.

Within the park, on one of the peaks of the Trialet Ridge, rests a small Turtle Lake. (entrance coordinates 41.701472, 44.753686) Here you can rent a catamaran or boat and enjoy quiet paddling, or lounge in the shade on the shore, or swim in the refreshing water. Or you can fly on a trolley over the water!
There are several hiking trails from the park to the Lake. And not far from its shores are the ruins of a guard tower.
Also in the park is the botanical garden named after Nikoloz Tkavashili, which is home to many rare and exotic plants. Here you can stroll along scenic trails and enjoy the beauty of nature.
Vake Park often serves as a venue for various events: concerts, festivals and fairs. It is a place where locals gather on holidays and weekends to spend time with family and friends.

One of the most famous attractions of the park is the cable car. It was restored in 2016, after being idle for 9 years. The cabins have kept their original look, but technically everything has been modernized. Each cabana takes up to 10 people. The windows of the carriages have somewhat lost their transparency, but this minor inconvenience is made up for by the smiling friendly staff.
Coordinates of the lower station: 41.711475, 44.753437
From the upper station, it’s convenient to walk to Turtle Lake, as well as to the beautiful Ethnographic Museum of Georgia, an open-air museum, though you’ll have to walk a bit further to get to it.
Coordinates of the museum: 41.704186, 44.744763.
Many visitors of the park note that it is very convenient to arrive at the upper station of the cable car and from there, gradually descending, get acquainted with the park sights. But the route up the small paths will also be interesting and informative.

The park was opened in 1946 and since then it has become one of the symbols of Tbilisi.
The park was designed by architect K. Dgebuadze and dendrologist N. Tsitsishvili.
The site, which was a 200-hectare wasteland, was drained and even blasted. After that, a lot of effort was put into creating the soil cover and planting thousands of trees, including conifers and fruit trees. Even mature trees took root well.
Reddish brick alleys are another trademark of Wake Park. It should be noted that the best footwear for visiting the park is sports shoes or sandals. Heels are not recommended.

A monumental staircase with a cascade of fountains leads to the park from Chavchavadze Avenue, from where ray paths (authors of fountains V. Abramishvili, N. Dzhobadze). During the Soviet times the park was called “Victory Park” – the complex of the Glory Memorial is crowned with a 28-meter statue of Victory. This is where the central axis of the park rushes to.
In 1956, the Burevestnik stadium for 25,000 spectators was built (designed by K. Dgebuadze).
A monument to the Georgian poet Ilya Chavchavadze was erected on the main avenue of the park.
The park has amusement rides, sports grounds, cafes, restaurants and restrooms.

The park is not only a place for recreation and active pastime, but also has historical and cultural significance. It is easily accessible by public transportation or taxi from any districts of Tbilisi.
Vake Park is large, so you should not run through it in one day. Give yourself time to walk quietly along the alleys, lie on the lake shore, enjoy a cable car ride, visit the magnificent museum and just walk along the paths among the trees, flowers and fountains. This is not a pompous park for prim walks – it is a quiet place where you can get away from the bustle of the big city. To be with yourself, to be with nature, to be with Tbilisi.

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