Turtle Lake (Tbilisi)

A small lake in Tbilisi, in the southern part of the Vake-Saburtalo region on the northern slope of Mount Mtatsminda. Altitude 687 m above sea level. The name of the lake comes from the abundance of turtles living in these places.
Turtle Lake is a popular recreation area for residents and guests of the city of Tbilisi; there is a well-maintained beach around the lake. The lake can be reached by road or using cable car from the park. To the west of the lake is Tbilisi Open Air Ethnographic Museum. Catamaran rentals are organized on the lake. The adjacent territory is equipped with sports grounds, walking paths, there are several cafes and restaurants nearby. Turtle Lake is connected to Mtatsminda Park 6-kilometer equipped hiking trail.
GPS: 41.700354, 44.754441

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