The hiking trail Mtatsminda – Turtle Lake (Tbilisi city)

The hiking trail connecting Mtatsminda ridge and Turtle Lake.
Mtatsminda – Veritskaro – The hiking connecting Mtatsminda ridge and Turtle Lake starts from the square on Polycarp Kakabadze Street (GPS 41.700542, 44.788294) and follows the northen slope of the Mtatsminda Range to the Veristskaro. Then the trail runs through Mtatsminda ridge to Turtle Lake and ends at its shore.This trail and its network of trails allow tou to visit places such as The Veristskaro, Mtatsminda Park and the Bulbulebistchala. Beautiful view of the capital of Georgia Tbilisi and its surroundings can be seen from many places along the trail.
The Trail Length: 8,6 km
Duration: 3 hrs 50 min
The difficulty of the trail: easy

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