Tbilisi Sea

The Tbilisi Sea is a reservoir in the northeast of Tbilisi. It is located at an altitude of 535 meters above sea level, 9 km long, up to 1.8 km wide. Maximum depth 45m, average depth 26m. Filling occurs in the spring, and the use of water – in the summer and autumn. Nearby is Dendrological Park of Tbilisi.
The area around the Tbilisi Sea is conditionally suitable for trekking around it for one day. Some sections do not have a passage along the coast and require a detour. The length of this route is about 26 km, you can come to the place by metro, city buses or taxis.
Local residents actively visit the reservoir for recreation on the water: swimming, sunbathing, fishing, picnicking, etc.
The main equipped beach is located in the western part of the sea near the monument “History of Georgia” Zurab Tsereteli, you can get to it on the Tbilisi underground.

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