Sergei Bely. Started a business in Georgia and lost $100,000

gamarjoba, my good ones. This is “Expats. Business” from Tbilisi! and today we will talk about the gastro business in Georgia with the founder of RadioCafe Sergey Bely. Sergey is a marketer with 17 years of experience, PR and radio host. 7 years ago, he moved from Ukraine to Georgia to build a new life, and along the way he built RadioCafe – a super soulful place where they cook the most unusual khachapuri, the best filter coffee in the city and Aperol Syringe. there was a lot of drama in Seryoga’s entrepreneurial life, but he managed to transform all the minuses into a big plus. RadioCafe is now in the top 10% of places in Tbilisi according to Tripadvisor. In this issue, Sergey will tell you how difficult it is to do business in Georgia? explain how to open a restaurant from scratch and how much you need to invest in a cafe at the start. in addition, the hero will talk about the mentality of the locals, name the main mistakes of entrepreneurs in Georgia and admit how he came out in the black in the midst of the crisis of 2020. while most people were at home without work, RadioCafe employees asked for a day off.
what restaurants in Tbilisi does Sergey consider his competitors? how to work with reviews and resolve conflicts with guests? what are the salaries in Georgia and why do people want to work at RadioCafe? Find out about this and much more in the issue. pleasant viewing!

Sergei Bely
Owner of RadioCafe
Yolo Experience Store Owner
WOG CAFE Branch Director
West Standard System Branch Director

in this release:
00:00 welcome and announcement
0:38 Sergey’s moving story
2:12 Sergey about coffee houses on wheels
2:55 how to open a business in Georgia?
3:41 about litigation
6:52 Is it difficult to do business in Georgia?
9:21 about the mentality of Georgians
11:05 am about corporate training at EnglishDom online school
12:31 about the idea of ​​​​creating RadioCafe
13:57 Sergey about the main mistake in business
14:55 about moving to another location
15:59 about investments in cafes
17:58 about profit in crisis
20:34 about the turnover of RadioCafe
21:34 about the RadioCafe audience
23:29 about working with reviews
24:48 about the construction of the retreat center
26:10 about internet marketing course
26:59 why do guests choose RadioCafe?
28:59 how to open a cafe from scratch: concept
31:02 about the cheese problem
32:27 about location and personnel search
34:32 about sponsorship
36:15 about RadioCafe costs
37:51 about salaries in Georgia
39:16 about the core values ​​of RadioCafe
41:00 about RadioCafe top products
42:05 about competitors and conflicts
43:40 about Tripadvisor policy
45:09 how to keep an audience?
46:50 restaurant business: main mistakes
49:06 Will Sergey stay in Georgia?

Source: YouTube channel Andrey Burenok about business

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