Dogs in Georgia

The life of street dogs in big cities, especially in Tbilisi, is relatively arranged: they have a state program of sterilization and vaccination. After ending up on the street with a tag in their ear, some dogs cling to people and become favorites of a certain place – an underpass, metro, a cafe , pizzerias, stops and more.
These dogs are fed, petted and look great. Preference is given to dogs of large breeds, small ones have a harder time. Those who are less fortunate survive as best they can.
There is also a shelter for homeless animals, but the number of residents is limited.
Dogs appear calm and slow-moving, often sleeping in unexpected places, such as on the subway. They are not driven away, but simply bypassed.
Nevertheless, you should not lose vigilance – occasionally dogs still bite passers-by. This mainly happens if the dog decided that now she is guarding some kind of shed or car. And, of course, dogs don’t like cyclists here either.
Many dogs are kept in yards and houses. Breeds are very different – from the smallest to the largest.
Separately, it must be said about the dogs that a tourist can meet.
They usually guard property or herd, and they are dangerous. And the most dangerous guard the sheep. These are the largest and most vicious dogs, usually Alabai or Caucasian Shepherd Dogs.
If there is a shepherd nearby, he can drive away a running dog. But if he is not around, then the danger increases.
Going to the mountains, or even just on rural roads, it is good to have an ultrasonic repeller. Checked – it works. But even at the same time, when meeting with dogs, it is better to slowly, calmly retreat, without turning your back on them. You can give a voice – maybe the shepherd will hear and come to the rescue. And even better, when you see a herd or hear bells, make a big circle and bypass it on a long journey.

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