Youtube channel: Vasilina in Batumi

Fled from Russia to Georgia consultation before moving.
In December 2019, I decided to move with two small children (son 11 and daughter 5) and immigrated from Russia/Vladivostok to Georgia/Batumi
Since then, I have been keeping my video diary, where I talk about my life in the beautiful city of Batumi – my immigrant path (buying an apartment, repairing, educating children, our personal and social life) the story continues
In October 2020, we met Vakhtang
On June 4, 2021, we officially registered our relationship and opened the Real Estate and Business Tourism Agency “My Georgia”
Our services:
WE ADVISE ON IMMIGRATION and provide assistance in adaptation to immigrants, Rent / Purchase of real estate
Legal support.
Opening accounts in Georgian banks for non-residents of Georgia.
Consulting services for the preparation of permits for leaving the Russian Federation to Georgia along the land border.
Channel link:ВасилинаБлинова

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