In which ATM in Georgia is it more profitable to withdraw lari from a Ukrainian hryvnia card?

When withdrawing money from a Ukrainian card through a Georgian ATM, you need to understand the following:
The conversion rate is set by the Ukrainian bank that issued your card. For example, Privatbank, Monobank, Oschadbank, Raiffeisen, etc. This rate may change daily. At decent banks, you can even view it on the official website or in the mobile application.
There is a commission for withdrawing cash abroad from both the Ukrainian bank and the Georgian bank.
The amount of the commission of a Ukrainian bank for withdrawing cash abroad is specified in your contract for servicing a card account, or you can see it on the official website of the bank, or check with support. Here, little depends on you.
And finally, the commission Georgian bank. Here you can try to save money. Different banks in Georgia charge different fees for withdrawing cash from foreign cards, but the amount of the fee is always notified before withdrawing money. Therefore, it would be rational to approach the ATMs of several Georgian banks, compare their fees and find the most profitable option. According to rumors that require confirmation, it is profitable to withdraw money from ATMs of Bank of Georgia, Liberty bank, Credobank. High commissions – in TBC bank. In any case, fees may be reviewed from time to time, so the best solution is to independently check the fees at all ATMs that you find nearby.
Also, when withdrawing from a hryvnia card, remember about the NBU limits – at the time of writing, you can only withdraw the equivalent of UAH 12,500. per week (about $300 or about 850 lari).

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