How much do people earn from trading in Georgia

Earnings in trading is one of the most popular search queries in Georgia. Like any other activity, trading has its pros and cons, but despite all the disadvantages, the potential profitability attracts tens of thousands of newcomers to the market every year. How much do they earn on trading in Georgia and what is needed for this?

How much do they earn trading in Georgia

Trading pros and cons

There are several undoubted advantages in working as a trader, but we will list only the most important of them:

  • free work schedule – you yourself can determine how long you want to be “in the market”, because sometimes just one trading order per day is enough to make a profit;
  • financial independence – thanks to the use of leverage, the profit of the trader depends only on himself;
  • the ability to work remotely – you can make transactions on the market from anywhere in the world, for this you just need to have a laptop or computer with Internet access;
  • accessibility – every user can become a trader, this does not require a large start-up capital or extensive connections in the business environment;
  • absolute freedom – the trader himself determines the assets that he wants to trade, and the amount of capital that will be involved in the transaction;
  • the ability to start with minimal funds – many brokerage companies allow their clients to trade with a minimum account size of one dollar.

The disadvantages of trading as a profession include the stressful nature of work, high risks and the need for preliminary preparation. To achieve success, you need a solid background of knowledge, experience and trading skills – it is unlikely to make a profit from the first day.

How much do they earn trading in Georgia

How much do traders in Georgia earn?

Experts say that almost all users go through three consecutive stages in trading:

  1. loss of initial capital – most often, in the first year of operation, from 70% to 95% of all traders lose their initial investment and most of them leave the market forever;
  2. breakeven – as a result of trading, you do not earn or lose money. Profits offset costs and commissions. Approximately 20-30% of users go through this stage, and the rest are eliminated with the thought that it is impossible to make money in trading;
  3. making a profit – only a select few “survive” to this stage, but it is they who become professionals who earn real capital. The income of experienced players can range from 5-10 to 70-100 or more percent per month!

What is needed to be successful?

Profit requires special knowledge and skills. Self-education in trading shows poor results, as it takes too much time and effort. A more rational option is to take advantage of international courses that allow you to combine the best experience of specialists from around the world.

Online trading school in Georgia, which provides its students with unique educational programs and products, trainings and consultations. You will be able to study all the intricacies of analyzing the market situation, build your own unique trading strategy, and make trading your main profession. There are courses on learning to trade from scratch to pros!

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