The film “Eccentrics” (1974)

This story began from the very day when Ertaoz, having decided to sell the rooster he inherited, met the beautiful Margalita and, falling in love with her, decided to help her get rid of her police lover, who had suddenly died. But at the cemetery, the policeman came to his senses and put Ertaoz in a cell with the inventor, who by this time had already built an air unit that uses the power of love instead of fuel …
original name: Sherekilebi
Genre: Fantastic comedy
Released: Georgia-film
Director: Eldar Shengelaya
Cast: Vasily Chkhaidze, Dato Zhgenti, Ariadna Shengelaya, Boris Tsipuria, Abrek Pkhaladze, Merab Eliozishvili
Released: 1974

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