How to sell an apartment in Batumi

In this video, I described the mechanism for selling an apartment in Batumi, if such a need arises (and it periodically arises).
Important!!! income tax on the sale of real estate = 20% (as amended in 2021) for residents and 10% for non-residents. In general, it is better to read sources of laws and changes to them.
Nothing particularly complicated, but there are a number of nuances that you need to be prepared for, so as not to burn out where and when it is not necessary, as well as to start correctly. I also roughly described the dynamics of price changes in the segment over the past year. Well, and so on.
As always, everyone will hear exactly what they want to hear, but for many, this video should help.
You can watch these and other videos about new buildings and life in Georgia on my channel.
With respect, and meet at sea.
A. Short.

Source: Alexander Short YouTube channel

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