Attitude towards Russians in Georgia. How do Georgians treat Russians in 2022?

Georgians are an amazingly patient nation. Despite the events of August 2008, when Russia attacked Georgia and actually contributed to the separation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, most Georgians continue to be tolerant of Russian tourists. Moreover, Georgian stores always sell a huge amount of Russian goods.
Russians feel quite comfortable in Georgia if they follow simple rules: they respect the Georgian people and their traditions; no demonstrations of Russian and Soviet flags, St. George ribbons and similar symbols; no talk of supporting the Kremlin in front of others.
The events of 2022, when the Russian army invaded Ukraine, slightly changed the situation. The degree of Russophobia in Georgia, as well as around the world, has rightly increased. For example, it has become noticeably more difficult for Russians to open accounts in Georgian banks, often impossible at all; many sellers and service providers began to refuse in principle to serve customers in Russian; difficulties began to arise with obtaining a residence permit, etc.
However, this did not stop the flow of Russian refugee tourists in the spring and summer of 2022, because the political and economic situation in Russia itself, as well as the consequences of sanctions, are still much worse than in Georgia, which is relatively free in this respect. Russians continue to come to Georgia, freely rent or buy real estate here, sit out the “dashing” times in safety and do not complain much, because there are not many alternatives.

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