Batumi. How to earn and how to lose money on real estate here

In this video, I described the current state of the market, how it is generally possible to make money on real estate, not only in Batumi, but also in another country.
Another important sub-topic was the formation of bubbles in the real estate market, how it happens and what they are. Georgia in general and Batumi in particular is an emerging market. There are both high returns and high risks. I tried to explain what to aim at and what can be aimed at the buyer.
In the second part of the video, possible investment options are described, their profitability is divided and the most unreasonable and illogical ways of investing money are described, which I myself have seen not only in the market of Batumi, but also in other countries.
Respectfully, A. Short. I hope this video will help many to understand the issues.

Source: Alexander Short YouTube channel

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