The film “Oh, this terrible, terrible TV” (1990)

The photographer Tazo has almost everything – an old apartment in old Tbilisi, and a lady of the heart, and work, and football … For ultimate happiness, only a TV is missing. And it just so happened that instead of a brand new color “Iveria” in the TV store, he buys an antediluvian “box” from the hands of a strange old man, and even at a fabulous price. Out of anger at himself, he almost throws away such a purchase, but still brings it home, turns it on … And this is where it all begins …
Título original: Oh, es sashineli, sashineli televizori
Genre: Comedy, fantasy
Released: Georgia
Director: Temur Palavandishvili
Cast: Vakhtang Panchulidze, Abessalom Loria, Varvara Dvalishvili, Mamuka Kikaleishvili, Elena Aslamazishvili, Carlo Sakandelidze, Kartlos Maradishvili, Ruslan Mikaberidze, Mamuka Loria, Manana Machabeli, Badri Kakabadze, Otar Guntsadze, Shota Skhirtladze, Timur Gvalia, Devi Ivanov-Chikovani, Guram Lordkipanidze, Givi Jajanidze, Nana Kavtaradze, Zurab Kapianidze, Vaso Rtskhiladze, Gogi Chkheidze
Release year: 1990

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