National Geographic Magazine Georgia

National Geographic Magazine Georgia

National Geographic inspires us to take care of our planet!
National Geographic is one of the most famous magazines in the world and has been published since 1888. It is published in 36 languages ​​and distributed in over 100 countries. National Geographic has about 100 million readers worldwide.
National Geographic has been published in Georgian since 2012 with the support of Silknet. Giorgi Ramishvili is the founder of the magazine. Members of the scientific council of the journal are prof. David Lortkipanidze, prof. Zaza Kokaya, prof. David Frangishvili and prof. Gia Dvali.
From day one, National Geographic of Georgia has taken responsibility for education and outreach. It disseminates and makes available reliable information about all significant, fundamental events in the world in the Georgian language.
At the initiative of the Silknet company, the magazine will be distributed free of charge to schools, higher educational institutions, participants in educational projects, the penitentiary system, educational institutions located near the occupied strip, etc.
The main purpose of the journal is to raise public awareness in the field of any natural, historical, social and economic sciences, as well as technology. “National Geographic Georgia”, accompanied by top-level photography, will tell you very interesting stories from such areas as history, archeology, anthropology, ethnography, religious studies, new technologies, medicine, biology, physics, astronomy, astrophysics, geography, meteorology, climate, geology, wildlife and architecture. All topics covered in the journal are supported by academic knowledge.


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