What to do if you find someone’s things in Georgia?

What to do if you find someone's things in Georgia?

What to do if you find someone’s things in Georgia: legal aspect, Article 191 of the Civil Code
Finding: “A person who finds a lost thing must immediately report the find to the person who lost it, the owner, authorized person or, if the owner is not known, to the police or local authorities and transfer this thing to them. Upon the expiration of a year after the application, the person who found the thing receives ownership of the find, except when the owner becomes known or the rights to the thing are fixed. If the authorized person or the owner accepts the found thing, then the finder has the right to demand a reward of up to 5% of the value. If the find is an animal or a perishable thing, the storage of which requires large expenses, the one-year period does not apply.
If an object is discovered that has been buried for so long that the owner cannot be identified (treasure), the property passes in equal shares to the person who discovered the find and the owner of the place where the treasure was discovered.
In case of loss of documents or gadgets or their discovery, my advice is to immediately contact the Ministry of Internal Affairs. From experience, in Georgia, all found things are taken there and there is a high chance that she will find the owner.
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