Is it worth registering an individual entrepreneur in Georgia if there is income from a foreign site?

There is a site abroad that generates income, and you want to open an account in Georgia in order to receive money from the site? Then you probably have a question about taxes in Georgia. Is it necessary to make an individual entrepreneur and receive it about a legal entity, or can you not open an individual entrepreneur and receive it on a personal account?

In this video, Alexander Nekrashevich will recommend an option that is right for you depending on your situation, talk about the tax system of Georgia, tell you where taxes are spent in Georgia, and also tell you where you can learn about the intricacies of taxes, how to reduce them.

If you want to learn about taxation in Georgia, all the options and subtleties, watch this video! Use the advice of experienced, take a step towards meeting your dream! Please write in the comments if you liked the video, did you find the answer to your question?

Source: Madloba – help and advice for tourists in Georgia

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