The whole truth about life and freelancing in Georgia: revelations of migrants

hamarjoba! this is an issue about life and work in Georgia, a country where my soul is always happy. today you will find out how much money you need to live in Tbilisi, what are the salaries in Georgia in 2022 and is it difficult to do business and freelance here. you will also get acquainted with the local mentality, see the iconic sights of Tbilisi and the best restaurants in the city.
Nastya, a nomad who settled in Tbilisi 4 years ago, will tell about work and business in Tbilisi. Nastya has been filming and editing videos for two years now: commercials, blogs and vlogs. The girl moved to Georgia without expectations and admits how this country surprised her.
Zhenya from Ukraine will also talk about life and work in Georgia. in Tbilisi, the girl left after a full-scale invasion of Russia and found salvation – in work. Zhenya will tell how she was met by the locals, will announce prices in Georgia and admit if she has enough flexibility to adapt to Georgian life.
By the way, the story of Zhenya was filmed by the heroine of this issue, Nastya. I sincerely thank you for your help!

registering a business in Georgia takes no more than 15 minutes and is carried out according to the principle of an open window in the House of Justice. in practice, everything has been done so that the entrepreneur develops his business, and does not spend time in the offices of officials.
* There are many talented local freelancers in Georgia who work with the local market. foreign freelancers are advised by experienced remote workers to focus on expats or the foreign market
* Barter flourishes in Georgia. If you need a service, feel free to offer yours in return.
* for a comfortable life in Tbilisi you need $1500-2000 for two. this is the amount for foreigners who rent accommodation, eat at restaurants or order food home. locals live much more modestly. The average salary in Georgia in 2022 is $505 per month.
* The cost of mobile Internet in Georgia is $10 per month, home – $15 per month. Tbilisi is a hilly city and mobile Internet does not pull everywhere. some providers only cover certain areas.
* The population of Georgia is only 3.7 million people. companies that plan to produce products for the domestic market may encounter problems.
* in Georgia, it is interesting to conduct export activities or develop tourism business. a good restaurant or hotel in the right location can be successful
* the Georgian capital is great for both freelancing and recreation. all the sights of Tbilisi deserve attention (Old Town, Narikala fortress, Metekhi temple, Chronicle of Georgia, Dry bridge, skatepark, Rezo Gabriadze Puppet Theater and others)
find out more tips about life and business in Georgia in the video. pleasant viewing!

in this release:
00:00 announcement and greeting
0:50 Nastya’s story of moving
2:52 about security in Georgia
3:39 about the cost of living in Georgia
4:14 acquaintance with Zhenya
4:39 about Vake area
5:17 about the first acquaintance with Tbilisi
6:18 about friendly and humane Georgia
6:58 about prices and first difficulties
8:30 am about work in Georgia
9:21 about the rhythm of life in Georgia
10:15 about the cost of living
13:11 sights of Tbilisi
14:02 about investing in branded real estate
15:40 Dry bridge: what you need to know
16:43 How do Georgians welcome foreigners?
17:19 about work and mentality
20:39 the best restaurants in Georgia: my top
22:15 about work and freelancing
24:59 about advertising and word of mouth
25:19 about attitude to work
26.25 about digital skills school
31:22 about business channel releases
32:12 Nastya about working with video
33:46 about installation training
35:20 about clients and earnings
36:41 Zhenya about adaptation and expats
38:39 about work and the Georgian market
38:05 about salaries in Georgia
39:44 tips for expats
40:06 about the pros and cons of Georgia
40:51 Life in Tbilisi: tips for expats
43:08 what Georgians really are
43:42 about internet in Tbilisi
44:53 main disadvantages of Georgia
45:33 transfer to Georgia: documents
46:43 farewell

Source: YouTube channel Andrey Burenok about business

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