Free medical insurance for Ukrainians in Georgia

Free medical insurance for Ukrainians in Georgia

The insurance company “Ardi” offers free health insurance services throughout Georgia for Ukrainian citizens who cannot return to homeland.
You can get insurance remotely by filling out the form on the page
After verifying the data and receiving the insurance policy, within 60 days you will have access to:
• Medical assistance and hotline at 0322101010
• Family doctor services
• Emergency outpatient care
• Emergency medical care
• Emergency vaccination and immunization
• Emergency dentistry
• Ambulance Service
• Services related to COVID-19

Also, free medical insurance for Ukrainian refugees is offered by TBC Insurance. The questionnaire is located on the page
Travel insurance covers possible own expenses that may arise as a result of any type of injury, acute illness or disease during your 1 month stay in Georgia.
TBC Insurance coverage includes:
• services related to COVID-19
• Ambulance
• emergency outpatient care
• emergency medical care
• emergency dental care
General insurance limit: 50,000 euros

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