Orders from Aliexpress to Georgia

Orders from Aliexpress to Georgia

Many of our compatriots are used to shopping in the Chinese marketplace Aliexpress and are wondering if it is possible to order from Aliexpress to a Georgian address.
Here it is necessary to note the following features of such orders. The number of Chinese sellers who are ready to send their goods to Georgia is many times less than, for example, to Ukraine, but they exist. Among those that remain, there may not be a favorable price for the goods or for delivery. When entering the customs territory of Georgia, parcels are subject to duty at an estimated cost of 300 lari (approximately $105 at the time of writing). Paying such a fee is a separate quest, you must first obtain a temporary tax number if there is no permanent one. And finally, the delivery time is about two months. You need to think twice whether you will be at the address indicated on the parcel in the next 2-3 months, not to change the Georgian phone number all this time, etc.
As an alternative, local Aliexpress prefer the American Amazon, from where delivery is much faster, about two weeks. Services for redemption from Amazon and other American online stores with the delivery of goods to Georgia have been developed.

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