The film “To the moon at hand” (1986)

A funny and at the same time sad story about how two pensioners sheltered a lost cow on the ninth floor of a city house. The painting “To the moon is at hand” was released in 1986 and immediately won the attention of viewers in different parts of the Earth. Films from the comedy genre have always been especially popular, moreover, when they are shot by such eminent directors as Temur Palavandishvili.
Genre: Comedy
Released: Georgia-film
Director: Temur Palavandishvili
Cast: Zurab Kapianidze, Carlo Sakandelidze, Leah Gudadze, Rezo Imnaishvili, Tamaz Toloraya, Kote Areshidze, Megi Tsulukidze, Giorgi Palavandishvili, Kukuri Abramishvili, Manana Gamtsemlidze, Marine Janashia
Released: 1986

1 episode

Episode 2

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